The day after I found out I got into the program (I'm a little excited, can you tell?). Happened to be in Kansas City and found a Spanish flag. How appropriate!

¡Hola!  My name is Brianne. You very likely know that already, but just in case.

Quick run-down of locations thus far: born/raised in a tiny little town (village actually) called Leigh, Nebraska. Next stop: undergrad for four years at UNL in Lincoln, Nebraska. Currently based in La Rioja, España while working in a few towns within the region: Albelda de Iregua & Alberite with the Ministry of Education of Spain’s Auxiliares de Conversación program.

I’m pretty much stoked to be in Spain and getting to soak up the fabulous language, culture, people and experiences. This is my adventure log, so to speak. I’m flattered you care enough to follow up on my travels! (Stop it now, I’m blushing).

I’ll try to keep it interesting.

Peace love & tapas,



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  1. Hola Brianne, Your site overwhelms me. I’m so proud of your accomplishments. Creating this blog makes it such fun for those of us who can benefit vicariously from your adventures. Gracias !!!

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