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Home. And the way there. And where we go from here…


I’ve got so much to catch up on, but I promise I’ll deliver it all….in due time (which may or may not take all summer, but hey! plenty of material spread out for your reading pleasure).


I’m home.

It’s been a little under two weeks, and it still doesn’t seem real sometimes.

Jake and I returned from our dream-like final vacation to southern Italy/Istanbul/Berlin with a day and a half in Logroño to cram a whole lot of loose-ends-tying into, but it all worked. We managed to close bank accounts, empty/clean apartments, pay final bills, pick up last pay-checks, furiously pack our suitcases, consume kebab/ pinchos/bread/olive oil/wine/etc. at every opportunity and do all our last minute shopping, with the most positive attitudes we could muster despite the ominous threat of our incoming departure. After a perfectly perfect final night out with friends (pictures to come soon) stuffing our face with every pincho in sight and acting like tourists in our adopted city of 9 months, a royal send-off from a half dozen friends at the bsu station and admittedly, many tears, we caught our bus to Madrid, our plane to Washington D.C./Houston/Omaha and then finally, home.

Though there have been some surreal moments (small realizations like that the people around me were, in fact, speaking English; driving my car for the first time in nearly a year; feeling incredulous/blessed just doing normal, mundane things with my family who I haven’t been around for forever; walking around Target marveling at the sheer amount of STUFF around me and just feeling a little bit out of place…) I haven’t really felt culture shock. I’ve felt a lot of culture/country withdrawal, but we’ll save that for another post.

After enjoying a lot of long-overdue family time, a wonderful wedding of one of my oldest/dearest friends, and general getting-used-to-things-again moments I have finally returned to reality. A few minor details on my to-do list of late? Finding a job (priorty #1) and planning a wedding!

This doesn’t mean that Jake and I aren’t already planning our return trip to Spain and travels beyond, because we are. But right now, it’s back to “the good life” in Nebraska (which while I debate the relativity of the phrase depending on how long its been since I’ve traveled and how antsy-to-get-out-and-see-things I’m feeling at the moment, is still very good). And most of all, it’s back to my family and friends who I’ve missed to pieces while I’ve been gone. I promise I’ll elaborate on our last few trips, more Spain musings and how I feel to be back, soon, but between bouncing back and forth between Lincoln and my parents house in Leigh (sans internet, yeah, you heard me) and job searching, I’m a bit on the crazed side. I’ll update soon, though, and all of it eventually… pinky swear.

Now for some making up of lost time.

First picture of us officially on Nebraska soil greeted by our wonderful families at the Omaha airport.