So….got through Christmas. It was definitely made better by the presence of my fiance and spending it with some good friends, but still hard. We made the best of it, though. Our compensation for not returning to the homeland for the holidays?? A two-week traveling spree throughout Europe. Leaving tonight for Rome, next Cologne to see our good friend Jan and to spend New Year’s Eve, next Munich and finally…Paris.

Lots of details to come once we’re home. Hope you all had a marvelous love/joy/family & friends-filled Christmas and may you enjoy the rest of 2011. Cheers to wanderlust…and see you in 2012!


About briannehake

Language & culture assistant in Spain. Recent UNL Advertising & public relations grad. Thrilled about future possibilities. Addicted to traveling. Fascinated by CSR and sustainable development. Dreams someday of helping businesses and nonprofit organizations collaborate for better communities and a better world. And dancing. Lots of dancing.

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  1. You’re only young once! Since I’m long past due for any amazing adventures, I eagerly anticipate enjoying vicariously your sharing your joyous journeys !

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