Me gusta.


What a fabulous weekend.

It’s so much fun to be able to find interesting and new things to do close by Logroño, especially whilst attempting to save money for a fun Christmas-break traveling spree to other parts of Europe.

I don’t know what made it quite so awesome…it just was.


  • Did some hiking around Albelda, a small town where I teach, near Logroño. Tried (unsuccessfully) to get into some more caves, but saw some lovely views along the way. Walked the 4 kilometers to the next small town, Nalda, and enjoyed a gorgeous evening and all the fall colors of the area.
  • Had fun at the Logroño version of Oktoberfest. German food, huge mugs of beer, polka music: the works. Obviously not Munich, but very fun regardless, as well as a great excuse to have some really good wheat beer. (Sorry Spain, but your San Miguel beer served everywhere leaves a bit to be desired, jaja).
  • Night out with friends. Always entertaining and eventful.
  • Visited the LOVELY medieval, walled city of La Guardia with two girls I’ve met here. Such a delightful afternoon of wandering through the windy, narrow streets; grabbing a cafe con leche; enjoying the gorgeous view of the valley and more.
  • Indulged in a little retail therapy around Logroño…in the city center there is an unending supply of shops (namely shoes, but lots of everything). Shopped a bit with the girls I traveled with, and then continued after we parted ways. It’s a simple, unexciting thing, but just having the time to wander amongst the busy streets of the city, blending in with the crowds and browsing through shops at my leisure…it’s a simple pleasure that I enjoyed so thoroughly. Picked myself up one of the darling brown leather(ish) jackets that so many Spaniards seem to have. Perfect for fall/winter weather, and stylish, too of course.
  • Got some great Skype time in with my best friend in the United States.
  • Went out for a few drinks with friends, always a good time…
  • Highlight of the night out: a random bagpiper materialized out of nowhere outside one of the bars. I happened to be standing next to a dear Irish friend of mine. We proceeded to break into Irish step dance. No big deal. 🙂
  • Had the opportunity to go back to Laguardia, this time with different people. ¿Por qué no? This time around, got to (EEEK!) visit an underground bodega or winery. !!! What a fascinating experience! Also had a glass of what must have been some of the freshest wine on the planet (taken right from the barrel/holding tank/something-like-that).
  • Upon our return, indulged in a wonderful siesta.
  • Got a text from a friend that a nearby bar was having a salsa night. !!!!!! As a certifiably addicted-to-dancing sort of person who hasn’t done really any dancing at all since coming to Spain (minus some random incidences of Irish step dancing and club dancing to techno) this was pretty much the one thing that could make my time in Spain complete. And. It. Did. A fabulous few hours getting my groove back to some awesome salsa, bachata and samba tunes, and I was in complete and utter heaven.
  • Finished the weekend with a wonderful, quiet, home-cooked meal with Jake.
I know none of that seems terribly exciting, or maybe it does. It just was a perfect weekend. Hope yours were just as wonderful.
Till next time,
The gorgeous colors of La Rioja in the fall!
Oktoberfest! Logroño Style.

The underground bodega in Laguardia!Fall is fun. No matter where you are, but especially in La Rioja/Basque Country.

There was a random bagpiper. What else were we supposed to do but do Irish stepdancing?


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Language & culture assistant in Spain. Recent UNL Advertising & public relations grad. Thrilled about future possibilities. Addicted to traveling. Fascinated by CSR and sustainable development. Dreams someday of helping businesses and nonprofit organizations collaborate for better communities and a better world. And dancing. Lots of dancing.

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