A night to remember…


Ok, my apologies to you all for the dry spell without a post, but I hope this one will be worth it.

So…two weekends ago, on a night that didn’t seem like it would be anything out of the ordinary I got the surprise of my life: my boyfriend, Jake (here with me in Spain of course), proposed!

I won’t get into every detail, but I must tell you a little….it was as romantic and dramatic as I could have possibly hoped. 🙂

So we had planned to travel to Pamplona, a beautiful city about 2 hours away, the weekend of October 14th, but after a stressful week of work and me (again) feeling under the weather (I’ve seemed to pick up every germ in the entire country, but then again, such is life when you work in an elementary school) we decided to postpone it a day…I was thinking we might go Saturday instead, but Jake insisted Sunday, as there was going to be a fun get-together with some of our friends   in the Erasmus program on Saturday night. I thought this was a bit weird, as we had been really excited about going to Pamplona and had found a good hostel to stay in and had it planned out, but shrugged it off. Instead, the day was more relaxed…sleeping in and doing some hiking around Nalda, the small town where Jake teaches and we briefly lived. We also wandered around the overgrown ruins of an old convent. If you’ve ever seen the movie Ever After, think of the scene where Danielle and the prince are in the old castle in the forest: it is pretty much like that.

Anyway (so much for not going into detail, but setting is important), we came back into the city to get ready for our night out and I was told we were meeting all of the people in front of the cathedral in the Plaza Mercado: a landmark of the city and a popular meeting place in the center of the city’s historic old quarter. As we walked to the plaza, I noticed only three of our friends were there, and thus figured we were early and would have to wait. After greeting everyone and making a bit of small talk, Jake asked if one of our friends would take a picture of us in front of the cathedral. Now this I thought was very strange…not that the cathedral wasn’t beautiful or picture-worthy, but we had seen it hundreds of times and taken many a photo of it. Not thinking anything of it, I shrugged and backed up away from our friends to take the picture. As I posed ready for the flash, I looked over to Jake, who had suddenly dropped down on one knee. WHAAAAT???? While I had known this moment would probably come sometime during our time in Europe this year, I was still completely and utterly blown away that it was actually happening…now at this moment!!  As I fluttered between shock and joy, hardly even able to make coherent sentences other than “oh my gosh, oh my gosh” he asked me to marry him and opened a black box containing a beautiful ring.

While you can probably guess what my answer was (a resounding YES), at the time I had no idea that the surprise had yet to be completed. I looked up for the first time since he “asked me to take the picture” only to find that all of our friends we had made in our time in Spain (Erasmus students from all over Europe, fellow Americans in our Auxiliares program and other Spanish friends) were gathered around us, cheering, congratulating and popping open bottles of cava (a Spanish version of champagne). They had been concealed in different parts of the plaza (in shops, or cafes or just around) until “the moment” happened and they revealed themselves (plus, our three friends who met us at the cathedral caught the whole thing in photos and on video…how amazing!) After lots of hugs, laughing, and general euphoria, Jake, myself and the whole group went out on the town to celebrate. To say the night was incredible was an understatement. While we wish all of our friends and family back home could have been around to partake in the moment, it was an incredible opportunity to share this part of our lives with our new, but dear friends here; given the unlikeliness of them being able to travel to Nebraska for a wedding.

It simply was the perfect night.


Our amazing friends!

The moment!


About briannehake

Language & culture assistant in Spain. Recent UNL Advertising & public relations grad. Thrilled about future possibilities. Addicted to traveling. Fascinated by CSR and sustainable development. Dreams someday of helping businesses and nonprofit organizations collaborate for better communities and a better world. And dancing. Lots of dancing.

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  1. LOVED reading your version of the evening. Jake did a pretty good job of telling us all about it, but your blog was much more descriptive! 🙂 Thanks! Logrono will always be a special place for you two, won’t it? Looking forward to hearing more about your trip to Girona and Barcelona.

  2. I am so excited to hear that you and Jake are engaged now. He talked about it all summer long and even showed me the ring shortly after he picked it up!! It was hard knowing most of the summer at the T-home that he was going to pop the question. Derek and myself couldn’t talk about it when you were around.

    Glad to hear some of the tales of Spain. Hope teaching is going well for yourself and Jake. I envision all these great things happening to the both of you!

  3. Congratulations! This is worthy of using one of my 7 exclamation points for life. I’m so happy for you both. Your description brought tears to my eyes–a sure sign of your writing skills. Put THAT on your resume. 🙂

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