To adventurous chaos, a little risk and a smattering of trust that it will all fall into place. ¡Salud!


In honor of my countdown dwindling to single digits (9!!), I thought I’d throw down a quick little post for you.

(Almost everyone I’ve talked to about leaving lately…we’ll call them Person A) “So where are you living?”

(Me) “Not really sure.” 

(Person A) “Oh wow, I’d be freaking out if I was going to another country and had no idea where I was going to live for the next 9 months..”

(Me) Awkward silence. Mild involuntary internal moment of panic. (Mental conversation: Should I be freaking out right now? I should probably be more freaked out. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh… Wait–no.)

(Me) “Meh! We’ll figure something out.”

(Person A) Incredulous look attempted to resemble confidence; vague thoughts of “Oh my goodness this girl is crazy”

So yeah…the issue of living arrangements is one of many unknowns that I’ll be addressing once I get to Spain. Along with: my work schedule, how to go about establishing a Spanish bank account; how to get a temporary residence card (NIE); how I’m getting from home to school to school every day; what to do when I’m kind of majorly lost with my not-quite-awesome Spanish ability in addition to adjusting to the Castellano accent; and a host of other unknowns that haven’t even occurred to me. Am I going to do every amount of preparing and looking up to figure these out to the best of my ability? Yes. Am I still going to run into things I’ll have no idea how to handle? Also yes. And yet? Still surprisingly chill. I might seen a little insane in the membrane for being so nonchalant about this, but…hey, what’s travel (and life, for that matter) without having to think on your feet? 🙂

So here’s to adventurous chaos,  a little risk and a smattering of trust that it will all fall into place. ¡Salud!


About briannehake

Language & culture assistant in Spain. Recent UNL Advertising & public relations grad. Thrilled about future possibilities. Addicted to traveling. Fascinated by CSR and sustainable development. Dreams someday of helping businesses and nonprofit organizations collaborate for better communities and a better world. And dancing. Lots of dancing.

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  1. Haha, I got the same reaction from people when I told them that. I realized that not everyone can pack up their lives and move, sight unseen, to a foreign country with no housing and little idea of what their job will be. Definitely adventurous and a little risky, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  2. Girl, I am SO on the same page as you!!! I feel like I should be freaking out about everything, but I’m just not. My mom is freaking out plenty for me though haha. I just keep telling myself everything will work out how it’s supposed to so don’t worry. Bring it on, life!

  3. Just in case you need a recommendation while you’re in Spain…

    Official Letter of Reference for Brianne Hake:
    • Way over the norm in smarts, even at 98 miles an hour
    • Positive attitude that could even transform Eeyore, given the chance

    I guess that’s all that’s needed. You’re set. Oh, and two pieces of advice (used literally or metaphorically) that have always served me well:
    (1). Don’t travel with both hands full. Always leave one empty in order to shake the hand of a new friend, taste something scrumptious, shoo away a pest, or to wipe away a tear of laughter or drop of sweat.
    (2). Never wear shoes you can’t run in. Having the option to arrive, depart or change directions quickly is a good thing–because the smoothest paths aren’t always the ones leading to the best adventures.

    No preocupe. Todo será fino. Soy tan feliz para ti.–pl

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